Sharestates High Yield Credit Fund

Earn up to 11%* in our Pre-Origination Note Fund

Earn a fixed interest rate at 6, 9, and 12-month terms

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Why the High Yield Credit Fund, a Pre-Origination Note Fund?

With a fixed interest rate and 6, 9, and 12-month terms, the short duration and unique nature of the PONF will minimize exposure to economic shifts that may otherwise affect underlying real estate’s property values, allowing global investors to participate in commercial lending through fund structures in addition to our historic note offerings.


Loans are typically sold or syndicated within weeks limiting exposure.


Instant diversification across multiple geographies, borrowers, and projects.


No need to research and select individual projects.


Investment dollars are earning interest from the day you invest in the fund.

We make investing easy

Our unparalleled access to dealflow and deep underwriting expertise helps you identify the most promising real estate investment opportunities and secure premium listings. Our track record of returns reflects sharp focus on, and excellence in, underwriting of real estate investment properties.

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